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Items left in the Taxicab

TaxiBayArea is not reponsible for any items left in the cab and will not gurantee that your item will ever be retured to you. It is Responsibility of the passenger that to keep their items secure and safe. We do not take any responsiblity for any item left in the cab and will not do any investigation regarding the lost item.

Any injury caused during the time pessanger gets in or out of the cab or on the ride

TaxiBayArea is not reponsible for any injury caused on the cab while geting in, out or while riding the cab. To insure that our passengers are safe in the cab we Strongly recommand the passenger to buckle up and sit straigt in the cab. Always keep your body parts in the cab all the time to be safe. While getting out of the cab be sure to check your surroundings and be realy carefull while getting out or getting in the cab. And wait for the cab to make the full stop.



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